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Internet / IT

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Cybersecurity services

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Talde finances the international expansion to the United States with the implementation of a SOC (Security Operations Center) in Washington.

BeDisruptive is an international technology company founded in 2016, with offices in Spain (Madrid) and Italy (Rome), and operations in Latin America. Its mission is to help companies, organisations and governments in their digital transformation journey in an easy, innovative and secure way.

The company is in a process of international expansion and consolidation of its brand, differentiating itself as a disruptive company within the cybersecurity sector, with a comfortable and ideal working environment with the aim of attracting and retaining talent, and led by a management team committed to the project and extensive experience in the sector.

Talde's loan is aimed at partially financing the investment in a new SOC in Washington, so that it can access a larger and larger number of customers in the United States.


International expansion

in new markets

Main drivers

Broad range of cybersecurity services, with a comprehensive and innovative approach, providing a variety of capabilities and solutions for the entire digital transformation chain of companies and organisations, and the technologies involved in this process.

Highly qualified management team with extensive experience in the sector.

Diversified and recurring customer base, with a high rate of contract renewal and new customer acquisition.

Sector with strong growth opportunities in the last decade and high expectations for the future, due to the digitalisation process and the major cyber threats for private companies and governments.


Strong positioning

thanks to large international firms as recurring customers

Main figures

Client portfolio

Diversified with large, recurring companies

Growth and profitability

Exponential and stable growth, high margins and high cash generation

Booming sector

Double digit growth, increased cybersecutiry awareness and backed by international laws