Interview in Empresa XXI: “Talde, pioneer in the Basque country debt funds”

March 11, 2020

The Basque industry newspaper Empresa XXI has shared the news of the first Basque “FILPE Fund” authorized by the CNMV, aimed at the financing of SMEs and launched by Talde,  which also makes it the pioneer company in the management of Debt Funds in the Basque Country.

This vehicle, promoted by the European Union and the regional institutions of Bizkaia and Araba, aims to channel private and institutional savings towards long term financing of Spanish SMEs.

In the news, José Iturriaga, responsible for the Talde’s Debt Fund, has stated that the main feature of this type of loans “is that we will prepare bespoke solutions for each company” and that its open model must be considered “as cheap capital other than as expensive debt”.

The newspaper has also confirmed the recent approval of the Fond-ICO to participate in the fund with near 20 million, amount that adds to the 45 million euros already committed in a first closing that has already been made.


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