Interview in ‘Estrategia Empresarial’: “Talde creates a new unit for real estate investments”

February 28, 2020

The economic newspaper Business Strategy (‘Estrategia Empresarial’), specialized in informing about the current affairs of Basque companies, published last week an interview to Lucas Guinea and Francisco Ibáñez, responsible for the Real Estate unit, the new business area of Talde.

In such business area, both managers reported that Talde plans to invest, through its new area, 100 million euros in “quality real estate assets” and pointed out that their idea is to complete at least one investment operation before the end of 2020 that will serve as a “showcase” for takeoff in the following years.

This new Real Estate area is part of Talde development plan and adds to the launch pf a new Private Debt area fot the financing of SMEs. According to Ibañez and Guinea, this new fund is “especially interesting for individuals from Bizkaia and Alava, due to the tax advantages it entails”.

These two areas add to Talde’s traditional business of Private Equity, where they manage more than 140 million euros.


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