Talde Alternative Debt, ELTIF, the fund with the best tax advantages for private investors in Bizkaia and Alava

November 30, 2022

The Debt fund managed by Talde, Talde Deuda Alternativa FILPE, is proving to be an interesting option for investors due to its profitability and tax benefits, as well as for the companies to which it provides customized long-term financing.

The debt fund managed by Talde has provided alternative financing solutions to well established small and medium sized companies with future growth potential, in a variety of sectors ranging from industrials, food, cybersecurity, etc.

This debt fund provides long-term financing (5 to 7 years), with flexible repayment structures, mainly through senior debt with guarantees, and amounts of between 3 and 12 million euros, thus complementing the banking offer. The objective can be either to realize opportunities for growth and acquisition of other companies that allow for sector consolidation or to finance investment plans that promote the growth and development of its activity, both nationally and internationally.

This is the first European fund for the promotion of the financing of economic activity (ELTIF) and the only one so far located in the Basque Autonomous Community, developed on the basis of European regulations for foreign funds. Thanks to the regulations of the Provincial Councils of Bizkaia and Alava, among other advantages, the fund provides to investors some significant benefits in Wealth Tax, Personal Income Tax and Inheritance and Gift Tax for individuals established in these territories. On 31 December this year, investors will benefit from a deduction of 71,5% of the capital committed to the fund and this deduction is expected to increase to 100% next year.

At the same time, the fund, which is expected to reach 100 million euros, has the guarantee of the European Investment Fund (EIF) for financing to SMEs that materializes during the financial year 2022, covering up to 70% of the amount of financing and with a limit of 40 million euros.