Talde and Espiga to drive the growth and consolidation of Deltalab

August 01, 2016

Talde, a pioneer in venture capital, and Espiga will support Deltalab, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of consumables and the distribution of instrumentation and reagents for laboratories.

Using their new funds, Talde Capital Crecimiento and Espiga Equity Fund will be the driving force behind the Deltalab strategic plan over the coming years.

It is noteworthy that Talde completed a successful first phase in Deltalab, a company in which it invested in 2009. During this period, Deltalab strengthened its leadership position with significant growth in both national and international sales and continued to develop its portfolio of products and solutions for laboratories.

Also, José Sáez will continue to lead the project which he began in 2007 as a core shareholder and as chief executive of Deltalab, with the primary objective being to maintain the rate of growth of recent years - in the period 2007-2015 the company almost doubled its turnover, increasing it from 18.8 to 33.2 million euros. It will also confront new challenges such as consolidating its leadership in the Spanish market and establishing its international presence in certain strategic geographical areas.

During this process it has benefited from the advice of Montalban Atlas Capital, a leading Corporate Finance consulting firm and of Grant Thornton, a consultant for the purchasers in the process of due diligence.

About Deltalab

Founded in 1976, Deltalab is one of the leading companies in Europe in the design and manufacture of single-use laboratory products such as: tubes, swabs, tips, pipettes and containers.

With a presence in more than 125 countries and a network of over 900 distributors, Deltalab offers a wide international range comprising around 2,500 product items.

In 2013 it acquired the Nirco company, specialised in consumables, instrumentation and reagents for biomedical research, animal health and quality control areas.

About Talde

Talde is a private group pioneering in venture capital management in Spain. Founded in 1977, the group has taken part in over 150 investment projects, where it has given support in both their initial steps and their consolidation and expansion phase, in industrial and services sectors.

Since November 2015 it has had two active vehicles for investment: the traditional venture capital company, Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, S.C.R., S.A., and a new fund, Talde Capital Crecimiento, F.C.R., with joint resources exceeding €120 million.

The Grupo Talde portfolio has shares in: Ñaming, preparation and distribution of fresh prepared, ready-to-eat foods; Neo, telecommunications service; Deltalab, manufacture and commercialisation of laboratory perishable materials; Retineo, restoration of unique monuments and buildings; and Biópolis, biotechnological services research and production company for the food and agriculture, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, among others.

The most recent divestments include those made in Palacios Alimentación, Noa Visual Group and Grupo BC.

About Espiga

This is the third investment from Espiga Equity Fund FCR, the new venture capital fund managed by Espiga Equity Partners SGEIC SA (“Espiga”), endowed with €140 million of investment commitments. Espiga is an independent management company for venture capital companies specialising in the lower end of the Spanish middle-market. With investments in capital of between €8 and €20 million, Espiga undertakes significant majority or minority operations in profitable medium-sized companies, always in partnership with management teams.

The holdings managed by Espiga include Ubis, which manufactures adhesive tapes; Enjoy Wellness, which promotes and manages sports centres under concession; and Lekue, which designs and markets kitchen utensils.