Talde and Oquendo become shareholders of the company Rotecna to boost its strategic plan

August 01, 2016
  • Rotecna, specialising in plastic products for the pig farming sector, has a presence in over 80 countries and sales exceeding 30 million euros.
  • With the support of Talde and Oquendo it plans to double its sales within six years.
  • The founder and chairman of the company, Gener Romeu, will continue to lead it during this new phase together with the existing management team.

Within the framework of an ambitious plan for growth and development in the coming years, Rotecna has provided entry to the Talde fund as a shareholder, benefiting from the support of the Oquendo fund as part of this operation.

The Rotecna company is a world leader in the design, production and marketing of plastic products used mainly in farm equipment in the pig farming sector. Rotecna has consolidated its growth and market position to achieve sales in excess of 30 million euros. It is an internationalised company with a presence in more than 80 countries. Its internationalisation represents 70% of its turnover.

With a track record of 25 years in the market and a proven capacity for innovation and new product development, Rotecna is ready to begin a new phase of growth with the support of its new partners in which the company expects to double its sales within a period of six years through the launch of new products and business lines as well as strengthening its international growth.

The domestic pig farming industry has been significantly developed and professionalised in recent years, making Spain the leading European producer and the third in the world, behind only China and the United States. To support its customers, Rotecna has developed a full portfolio of products with a clear focus on efficiency and productivity savings for its customers.

Gener Romeu, chairman and founder of Rotecna, will continue to lead the company during this new stage, maintaining control in conjunction with its financial partners. Furthermore, the current management team has acquired a holding in the capital of the company showing a clear commitment to the development of Rotecna.

About Talde

Talde, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary, is a private group pioneering in venture capital management in Spain. Founded in 1976, the group has taken part in over 150 investment projects, where it has given support in both their initial steps and their consolidation and expansion phase, in industrial and services sectors.

Since November 2015 it has had two vehicles for the investment phase: the traditional venture capital company, Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, S.C.R., S.A., and a new fund, Talde Capital Crecimiento, F.C.R., with joint resources exceeding €120 million.

The Grupo Talde portfolio has shares in: Ñaming, preparation and distribution of fresh prepared, ready-to-eat foods; Neo, telecommunications service; Deltalab, manufacture and commercialisation of laboratory perishable materials; Retineo, restoration of unique monuments and buildings; and Biópolis, biotechnological services research and production company for the food and agriculture, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, among others.

The most recent divestments include those made in Palacios Alimentación, Noa Visual Group and Grupo BC, recently given the award for the best Expansion Capital operation of 2015 by the Spanish Association of Capital, Growth and Investment.