Talde Group holds its annual Meeting with good expectations for the coming years

June 29, 2023
  • Talde Group currently has around 400 million euros under management though various investment vehicles, and participates in or finances 18 business groups.
  • Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, SCR, which was founded 47 years ago, has a solid portfolio of investees in the process of growth.

Throughout this week, Talde Group has held meetings of the different investment funds and their management boards.

Talde group participates in 18 business groups with a total of more than 2,600 employees and a turnover of more than 900 million euros.

The General Partner was created as a result of the new legal regulations that arose at the beginning of 1999 and currently has three equity investment vehicles and one debt ELTIF  with a total of around 400 million euros under management. Talde is a signatory of UN PRI and is therefore committed to incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into its investment activity following the guidelines of the United Nations and European legislation.

All the vehicles under management are developing favorably and are expected to outperform the sector average recently published by Spaincap.

Talde Capital Crecimiento, F.C.R. fund, which is currently in the divestment period, has already made its first two divestments, whereby the unitholders have recovered 80% of their investments. With the third divestment, currently underway, it will exceed 100%, with four other investees with good prospects still in the portfolio.

Talde Deuda Alternativa, ELTIF, through which companies are financed in the medium and long term and which had a complicated start due to the abundance of liquidity as a result of the measures adopted to combat the effects of Covid, is currently in full activity, expecting to close five to seven new operations in the coming months.

This instrument has proven to be very useful for the company, since it is considered as quasi-capital, it is cheaper than capital, and it allows to have long-term financing for the company.

Today was held the General Shareholders' Meeting of the company that was the starting point of the group in 1976 and the starting point of the private sector in Spain, Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, S.C.R., S.A. The company, which is 47 years old and has 135 shareholders including financial institutions, institutional investors, industrialists, and families, has been and is a reference in the world of Private Equity.

The General Meeting reviewed the economic and the sector's situation, in order to analyze the situation of Talde Group in general and the situation of the evergreen in particular.

The economic situation has evolved positively despite uncertainty and difficult times and will continue to do so in 2023.

The sector has also had a positive evolution. 2022 was a record year in terms of investment volume and the number of transactions carried out by fund managers in Spain (more than 9,000 million invested and more than 950 transactions).

On the other hand, there was a slowdown in divestments (nearly 2 billion, down 26%) and in fundraising (2.6 billion euros, down 11%).

Regarding Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, S.C.R., S.A., the Shareholders' Meeting agreed to distribute 0.14 euros/share. The company's current portfolio includes 10 companies and participates in the funds Talde Capital Crecimiento, F.C.R., Talde Capital Crecimiento II, F.C.R. and Talde Deuda Alternativa, FILPE.

The portfolio of investees includes, among others, companies such as P4Q, Ñaming, AJL, Tegor, Bemed-Jemed ...., all of them in the process of growth, with figures higher than before the pandemic and with good prospects.

Bilbao, June 30, 2023