Talde Group will expand its volume of funds under management to increase its investment capacity in the following years

October 08, 2018
  • TALDE is currently completing a capital increase amounting to €7M in Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, SCR, its traditional Private Equity vehicle, and is launching a new Debt Fund,  Talde Deuda Alternativa, FILPE with a target amount of €100M for which it already has the commitment of several investors.
  • Regarding new operations, during this year, three new investments have been made with its new fund, Talde Capital Crecimiento, FCR being more than 50% invested.

Talde Group has promoted an intense portfolio turnover in recent years, with several investment and divestment operations. Portfolio turnover is very important with a view to  gain a satisfactory return for its investors.

Talde currently participates in companies like Grupo Tegor (a manufacturer and marketer of products of natural medicine, aesthetics, pharmacy and dietetics), AIT (a company that manufactures acoustic insulation materials),  Burdimberri (a company specialized in the manufacture of construction elements and tools for the aeronautical sector ), Rotecna (a leading international company, in the design, production and marketing of plastic products applied mainly to the equipment of pig farms), Deltalab (a leading company in Spain in manufacturing and marketing of single-use labware with a significant international presence), Ñaming (a leading Spanish company in the preparation and distribution of fresh ready to eat food like sandwiches), and Residencias Nostem (operation and management of two nursing homes and two adult-daycare centres in the Basque Country), through the vehicles it has under management.

Parallel to the acquisition of these companies, several significant divestments have been made  in recent years in companies like Noa Visual, Grupo BC, Palacios, Biópolis, Grupo Neo and Retineo, which have reported a gross IRR greater than 18% and more than twice the amount invested.

Since November 2015, it has two vehicles in an investment phase: the longstanding vehicle, Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, SCR and the new fund Talde Capital Crecimiento, F.C.R., with joint resources greater than €130 million.

Over the many years that Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, SCR has been operating, it has given its partners an annual average profitability of 10,14%, with an increase of this profitability in the last 20 years up to 16,1%. Currently, the company has a very healthy portfolio of companies, with investee companies that operate in different industrial and service sectors and is in the process of completing a capital increase of 7M€ with the aim of increasing the company’s investment capacity.

Additionally, within its growth strategy and in order to expand the offer of financial products to companies, its objective complying with the European guidelines to make complementary or alternative instruments available to companies for their business financing , Talde is preparing the launch of a Debt Fund called Talde Deuda Alternativa, FILPE aimed at granting financing to SMEs to support them in their development, with a target amount of €100M, for which it already has the commitment of several investors.

Talde, which in 2016 celebrated its 40th anniversary, is the private group pioneering in Venture Capital management in Spain. Founded in 1976, it has participated in more than 160 investment projects that it has supported, both in their initial stages and in their consolidation and expansion phase, in industrial and service sectors.