Talde Private Equity and Orza acquire a stake in Burdinberri Group

September 07, 2018

Talde and Orza become shareholders of Burdinberri Group to boost its growth and the consolidation of the sector.

•   Burdinberri Group, which has its headquarters in Vitoria, is an industrial group devoted to the manufacturing of constructive elements and tools for the aeronautical sector, that operates as a TIER 1 supplier of the main OEMs.

•   Talde and Orza plan to lead a process of consolidation and sectoral concentration that will allow Burdinberri Group to multiply its turnover and become a benchmark international supplier in the sector.

•   The management team, linked to the shareholding of the Company, will continue to address its management in this new stage.

Talde, a pioneering company in venture capital, has coinvested with Orza; both becoming shareholders of Burdinberri and UMSA (from now on trading as Burdinberri Group).

Burdinberri, with extensive experience in the manufacturing of tools and molds aimed at various sectors, among which the aeronautical sector stands out, has specialized its activities in the machining in large dimensions with high precision, for which it has resources and technologies (engineering, varification, fine tuning), that make it possible to deliver its products on a turnkey basis.

Burdinberri Group has a solid customer base (TIER 1 Supplier) and exports around 30% of its turnover.

Burdinberri Group is ready to start a new growing/growth stage. Talde and Orza will support Burdinberri Group to boost its ambitious growing/growth and development plan in the coming years. In this respect, the growing/growth plan is based on the positive perspectives of the aeronautical sector and on the possibility to lead a process of consolidation and concentration in the sector.

During the last decades, the aeronautical sector has had a continuing growth that is expected to go on in the future. It is estimated that during the next 20 years, around 40 thousand new Aircraft will be manufactured with a strong increase expected in the Asian market.. All this together with the strong entry barriers for existing competitors in the sector, give Burdinberri Group great growth potential.