Talde Private Equity invests in AVS Added Value Solutions to drive the Group's strategic plan.

July 14, 2023
  • AVS is a Group based in Elgoibar (Spain) leader in the design and development of critical and high value-added equipment for the Space market and Big Science.

  • Talde Private Equity has invested in AVS's capital as a minority shareholder through a capital increase to support the strategic development of the Group in its different areas of activity.

  • AVS Group is facing an ambitious strategic plan in the coming years, with special emphasis on the areas of Space, Fusion and Particle Accelerators.

Since its creation in 2006, AVS has positioned itself as a leading player in high value-added projects in markets as demanding as Space, Fusion or Particle Accelerators, exporting 90% of its sales worldwide, with its technology present in 28 countries. Its clients include leading institutions in each of the fields such as NASA, ESA, ITER and CERN. With a staff of more than 150 highly qualified employees, AVS Group maintains its headquarters in Spain with offices and facilities in the USA, UK and France.

With technical capabilities to develop projects and equipment in multiple areas of the market known as Big Science, the company's business plan involves multiplying its investment in the Space, Fusion and Accelerator divisions. AVS Group is involved in missions and projects with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), such as missions to Mars, as well as in the development of its own technology in the space satellite segment, where its scheduled to launch its first observation satellite on the spring of 2024, the first of its class designed and manufactured in Spain by a private company.

It is in this exciting context of AVS' development, where Talde Private Equity has joined the Group as a minority partner, providing financial resources to consolidate the Group's positioning in the coming years in markets with great potential, added value and growing public and private investment.