Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, S.C.R. has given to its shareholders an average net irr over 16% in the last 20 years

July 05, 2018

Along with its 41 years of operation, the company has given its partners an average annual return of 10,14%, rising this return to 16,1% in the last 20 years. In other words, with the base of an average capital during this period of 17.5 milion euros, it has paid its shareholders 4,5 times the capital, (78,6 million euros).

This information was presented in the Annual General Meeting of Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, S.C.R., S.A. that was celebrated in Bilbao and it was attended by 97,33% of its shareholders.

The General Board approved to distribute a dividend of 645.000 euros, one part charged to voluntary reserves of the company and another charged to results of the year, additional to the 605.000 euros distributed last year in charge of this year’s results.

In the Meeting, a review of the history of the company was made, remembering  that at the beginning of the company, there was no regulation on Private Equity and it was necessary to combine the search for projects with the consulting activity and the disclosure of the concept, which was then unknown.

This Company, that originally had the participation of entrepreneurs from Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya, as well as fFnancial Institutions like the Bank of Vizcaya and the Biscay Savings Bank (Caja de Ahorros Vizcaína), is a reference in Spain and, with its participation in more than 160 companies, it has been an instrument that has favored business development and consolidation.

Under the protection of the legislation that emerged in the year 2000, Talde Promoción y Desarrollo S.C.R., S.A. created Talde Gestión S.G.E.I.C., S.A., that is the company to which it transferred its staff and knowledge. It has completed its activity with the promotion and management of different investment funds. It currently also manages the capital investment fund “Talde Capital Crecimiento, F.C.R.”, with 102 million euros of resources, and promotes a new Debt Fund of 100 million euros, Talde Deuda Alternativa, which will be constituted in accordance with the recently approved, by the regional institutions of Bizkaia and Araba, tax regulations in the Property Tax and Inheritance Tax.

At this time, the company has invested companies in different industrial sectors (aeronautics, feeding, farm equipment, laboratory equipment,…) and service sectors (nursing homes,…).

The objectives for the next few years are: to continue to provide profitability to its shareholders; to be a source of development and consolidation for companies and to increase the resources under management through the increase of reserves or through a capital increase with the clear aim to get listed at the Alternative Stock Market in a period of 3 to 5 years