Talde together with KCE and other investors acquires 100% of Cacesa

November 26, 2021

The consortium of investors led by Talde and in which Kaizaharra Corporación Empresarial (KCE) has participated, announces the acquisition of the logistics operator Cacesa (Compañía Auxiliar al Cargo Express, S.A)

Cacesa, is a logistics operator specialized in the massive customs management of parcels related to e-commerce, cross-border and express courier, with a leading position in the Asia-Europe and Europe-Latam routes, within the segment of goods of low economic value.

The knowledge of the processes and trade routes, as well as the technological platform developed for this purpose by the company itself, has allowed Cacesa to work with the main e-commerce operators worldwide, optimizing their customs processing processes in terms of time and cost.

Therefore, Cacesa has become a key strategic ally in the logistics chain of e-tailers or cross-border electronic consolidators, guaranteeing the effective fulfillment of the commercial commitments assumed towards the final customer.

In this new stage, with the incorporation of Talde and KCE, in addition to consolidate the strong growth experienced in recent years, the company intends to boost its strategic plan by undertaking an ambitious international expansion plan under which it is planned to open delegations in the main logistics hubs with the help of its customers.