Talde's Debt Fund finances investment in new “PFP Termopolimeros” production plant.

June 07, 2022

Financing the growth of a company focused on the manufacture and marketing of plastic containers and devices mainly for the pharmaceutical industry.

TALDE DEUDA ALTERNATIVA, FILPE, has financed, through a long-term senior loan, the production expansion of the Catalan company “PFP Termopolímeros”.

The company commercializes most of its products in the pharmaceutical industry (packaging and medical devices), its main customers are large European and national laboratories. At the same time, it serves other markets such as food and cosmetics, among others.

Talde's financing will be used to increase the production capacity of “PFP Termopolímeros”, which is building a new plant adjoining the existing one to meet the growing demand for its main products.

The strength and diversification of its customer portfolio and the defensive nature of its target sectors give “PFP Termopolímeros” the financial strength it needs in today's volatile and complex environment. The high barriers to entry in the pharmaceutical sector, coupled with PFP's supply flexibility, fast delivery times and focus on quality, will enable the company to capture much of the sector's growing demand with this new investment.

The objective of TALDE DEUDA ALTERNATIVA's loans is to provide long-term financing to small and medium-sized companies with attractive growth and expansion projects.