Sector Sector:

Engineering and construction

Headquarters Headquarters:

Zarautz (Gipuzkoa)

Investment Investment period:


Activity Activity:

Promotion and Construction

Transaction Transaction Type:


Turnover Turnover:

€7,6 million (2003)


Founded in 1988, Inmogroup is one of the main players in the Promotion and Construction of buildings in the Basque Country.

Since its creation, Inmogroup has successfully completed the construction of more than 10,000 homes. This work makes it a benchmark, with the capacity and solvency to carry out the most ambitious and significant projects, and to execute all types of works, both public and private.



in civil works, in housing construction and in singular building.

Key points

Inmogroup has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the real estate and construction sectors.

Before the construction of a new house, Inmogroup analyzes the following aspects:

- Suitability of sites

- Optimal distribution of space

- Complete equipment

- Selection of materials

- Presence of recreational areas.


Balance Sheet

Strong financial position to undertake projects

Magnitudes destacadas

10.000 buildings

made successfully since its inception

2000 families

they have placed their trust in the group throughout its history

Almost 30 years

of experience in the sector.