Plymouth Rubber Group

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Headquarters Headquarters:

O Porriño (Pontevedra)

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Activity Activity:

Manufacture and marketing of adhesive tapes and other solutions for electrical insulation.

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Turnover Turnover:

€22 millions

Plymouth, based in O Porriño (Pontevedra), is a pioneer and leader in electrical insulation solutions for a wide range of sectors and industrial applications.

Plymouth Rubber is a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of high-quality adhesive tapes and other electrical insulation solutions.

Plymouth's growth in recent years has been driven by an ambitious plan for commercial expansion and consolidation in international markets. The incorporation of Talde as a shareholder is a key step in consolidating the project, supporting growth, and providing continuity to innovation.

Plymouth Rubber Group


In electrical insulation solutions

Main attractions

The company's success is based on a portfolio of high-quality products and a consolidated presence in various sectors: utilities, telecommunications, mining, industry, renewable energy, etc.

Plymouth products are distributed from its warehouses in Spain and the USA to more than 75 countries, reaching thousands of customers and millions of users worldwide.

Plymouth Rubber Group

More than 100 years

Of experience in the sector


57 products in 4 categories

Vinyl electrical tapes (17); Insulation and splicing products (18); Sealing and insulating mastics (13) and Special purpose tapes (9)

€22 millions

turnover with future growth expectations due to continued diversification into higher margin industries and the current idle manufacturing capacity of its facilities.

Present in more than 75 countries.

reaching thousands of customers all over the world with its products