Sector Sector:


Headquarters Headquarters:

Basque Country

Investment Investment period:


Activity Activity:

Automotive components manufacturing

Transaction Transaction Type:


Turnover Turnover:

€246 million


Teknia has positioned itself as one of the main companies specialized in the manufacture of components for the automotive sector

Teknia is an industrial group aimed at the automotive sector.

Talde obtained the stake in Tecknia by contributing its shares in three automotive companies in exchange for shares in Tecknia.


Production plants


Main highlights

Teknia's efforts to continually improve processes and adapt its products and services to new and more demanding customer specifications, in addition to offering them around the world, has made its success possible.

Technologies, its latest line of business, is the result of a new vision and global engineering strategy, combining under the same roof R & D and Engineering. The vision of this new unit is to achieve technological excellence by sharing know-how and experience with its customers.



and consolidation of a group with a turnover of more than € 246M

Significant figures

More than 60%

sales outside Spain

19 production plants

distributed over Europe, Brasil, USA, Mexico and Morocco

2,200 employees

at the end of 2015