Investment Strategy

Talde Private Equity is mainly focused on providing capital or financing to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to boost their growth and in-sector consolidation. Our main objective is to create value in the companies in which we participate, for which we associate with solid and committed entrepreneurs and management teams, investing both through the acquisition of relevant stakes and/or capital increases and supporting them in the design and execution of their strategic plans.

Investment strategy
  • We mainly support SMEs operating in attractive sectors with growth potential
  • With a clear Business Model and a differential competitive advantage that makes them leaders in their markets
  • Led by strong and committed management teams
  • With attractive strategic plans, that include in- sector consolidation processes, international expansion and / or development of new business lines
  • Capable of generating positive results and profitability for their shareholders
Investment Criteria
  • Type of Company: SMEs with enterprise value between € 15 and 70 million
  • Geographical scope: mainly Spain
  • Sector: generalist, excluding real estate, finance and all those which carry a reputational risk
  • Participation: Majority or qualified minority
  • Investment: between € 5 and 15 million, without excluding other projects of interest
  • Permanence: we are medium / long term investors, with a time horizon of between 4 and 7 years


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